Happening Now January 9, 2023

“Welcome Home. Congratulations On Your New House!”

Welcome Home!

A home is a big purchase and one that takes a lot of hard work.   However, this is nothing new to the Martinez family.  On an interview titled Serving a Taste of Mexico City in Small-Town Oregon, Flavio states “This is a country of opportunities—it’s truly incredible. You can make anything of yourself here. But you have to take advantage of the opportunities by working hard to make your dreams come true.”  Today their hard work and dedication by serving our community pays off as they acquire their newest home.

Big Moves

Poolside Entertainment is Ready for Summer

This 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home has plenty of space for everyone to enjoy. Whether the kids are lounging in the loft playing video games this winter or lounging by the pool on hot summer day, the Martinez family is beyond excited to get settled in this new year.

It was with great privilege to help guide the Martinez family with the purchase their new home. Once again, congratulations on your new house! The best thing about a new home is the people who you share it with. May your home be an incredible building block for your family.

If you are looking to upgrade your home or wanting to learn more about homeownership, lets schedule a free consultation today!

Beth Rodrigues & Guy Giles with Mutual of Omaha Mortgage show support at closing